Frank StoelzleFGS music productions, songwriting, production and adaption. Founded in 1999 by Frank Stoelzle, who has been trained on guitar, bass and voice - as well as sound engineering / MIDI processing - at (among others) SAE Technology College in Frankfurt on Main and in Zurich. He has a total of more than 30 years of experience as a musician, both solo and to a certain extent also in various bands - with styles ranging from heavy metal to mainstream and even fusion. Frank.Stoelzle@fgsmusicproductions.com

Laurie EllingtonWith support in the studio from (among others) Laurie Ellington (vocals). The New Yorker is a professional singer, live as well as in the studio and collaborated -for example- with formations such as La Bouche and Culture Beat. She also works as a music teacher and voice coach. Ellington`s vocal range is quite wide, especially in the styles of soul and R&B.

Frank Willi SchmidtSupport in the studio from Frank Willi Schmidt. Schmidt is trained on the contrabass as well as the electric bass, has developed his style of playing at a high level and therefore also masters, to a great extent, technique of playing the fretless bass. Schmidt has worked (among others) for TV-productions from various broadcasting stations, also in a large number of other projects, including collaboration with Thomas Anders.

Frank Stoelzle - Kenneth B. Kidd1998 beginning of the collaboration with the songwriter and lyricist Kenneth B. Kidd in Los Angeles, USA. Kenneth B. Kidd (meanwhile in Nashville, USA works for FGS music productions as a co-author for lyrics. Kidd is an active musician and, in addition to a large number of other projects, was involved as a featured musician and songwriter in TV-productions such as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (UPN Television) and "Melrose Place" (FOX Television).  Kenny.Kidd@fgsmusicproductions.com

Eric GugishThe drummer Eric Gugish (from Palmdale, near Los Angeles, California) is currently working in several FGS projects as a session drummer via MIDI. Before Eric Gugish took his Latin-Jazz / Funk-Fusion Band on the road in and near Melbourne, Australia ; he worked in the U.S. with (among others) Ralph Humphrey (who, in turn, has collaborated with Frank Zappa and Chuck Mangione), and Tom Brechtlein (who, in turn, has collaborated with Chick Corea and Al di Meola). He was involved in recording for TV-productions such as "Moon Over Miami" and "L.A. Heat";he also currently teaches Drums/Percussion at the Santa Monica School of RockEric.Gugish@fgsmusicproductions.com